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Historia kontroli bankowej w USA 
Dyktatura banków i ich system zadłużający, nie są ograniczone do jednego kraju, ale istnieją w każdym kraju na świecie.  
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Strona domowa Krzystofa Wyszkowskiego 
Dlaczego szczepionki na COVID-19 mogą wpływać na płodność człowieka?  
Hiszpański rząd przyznał się do powietrznego spryskiwania całej ludności chemikaliami 
Podczas strategicznie zaplanowanego „stanu wyjątkowego” covid-19, Organizacja Narodów Zjednoczonych (ONZ) upoważniła hiszpański rząd do rozpylania z nieba śmiertelnych smug chemicznych . 16 kwietnia 2020 r. hiszpański rząd po cichu przyznał, że upoważnił wojsko do rozpylania biocydów na całą populację.  
Lockdown w Anglii 
Była kochanka Borisa Johnsona ujawnia - z kim Premier GB konsultował wprowadzenie stanu wyjątkowego pod pretekstem fikcyjnej pandemii

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Szczepionka przeciwko ospie prawdziwej wyzwoliła wirusa AIDS 

Epidemia AIDS mogła zostać wywołana przez masową kampanię szczepień, która zlikwidowała ospę prawdziwą. Światowa Organizacja Zdrowia, która kierowała trwającą 13 lat kampanią, bada nowe dowody naukowe sugerujące, że uodpornienie szczepionką Vaccinia przeciwko ospie prawdziwej obudziło niepodejrzewane, uśpione zakażenie ludzkim wirusem obrony immunologicznej (HIV). 
David Martin - Wystąpienie w Parlamencie Europejskim na III Międzynarodowym Szczycie Covid  
Kompleksowe badania wykazały spójne zmiany patofizjologiczne po szczepieniu szczepionkami anty-COVID-19 
Los Angeles - piekło na ziemi 
Ubóstwo w Kalifornii. Zrujnowana gospodarka najbogatszej kiedyś części świata.
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Here's Why You Should Skip the Covid Vaccine 
“The world has bet the farm on vaccines as the solution to the pandemic, but the trials are not focused on answering the questions many might assume they are.” 
Częstotliwości radiowe i mikrofalowe a manipulacja ludzkimi emocjami i zachowaniem 


Starsza kobieta łapie kij, odpycha przerażającego testera COVID  

Atak pistapo w Gdańsku 
Atak "policji" na proteście w czasie przemowy Krzysztofa Kornatowicza - Gdańsk - 10.10.2020r.  
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In the Shadow of Marienburg

(A Reply to Poland’s Muslims)

I have received a request for interview from an Islamic news service in Polish language, . This website receives an average of 30,000 visits per day. Here are their questions and my answers.

- Could you tell us about Yourself and why did You left Israel?

I did not leave Israel. I write these lines from my home in Jaffa; I just travel a lot, but always
come back!

- What work and activities for peace are you involved in now?

I try to unite people around an idea. My idea is that the three great religions -- Muslims, Catholics (e.g. the Poles) and the Orthodox (e.g. the Russians) -- should recover their great spiritual affinity in the face of the common danger presented by the new-old Mammonite, or Judeo-American, religious onslaught. Now, Christmas is a good time for this expression, as for all of us, the birth of Jesus Christ or Isa al-Mesih is a great event, while in the Mammonite US, President George W. Bush did not dare even to greet American Christians with “Merry Christmas.” This unity around Isa - Jesus Christ and Matka Boska - Sitt Maryam is the key to unity of our hearts.

Today I went to Bethlehem, this cradle of Christianity; its beautiful old Church of the Nativity has a white marble slab marking the place of the palm tree that gave shelter to Maryam, as the Quran tells us; and many Muslims come there to venerate Jesus Christ. Almost half of the Bethlehem city council members belong to the Islamic party of Hamas, often presented as ‘terrorist’; but they live together in great unity and harmony with local Christians. At the same time, the Jews surrounded Bethlehem with an eight-meter-tall wall; the city is slowly dying. Thus, in Palestine we learn the true nature of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish relations.

- How do you evaluate American policy in the world and in Middle East?

Whether one likes it or not, the present leadership of the US decided to fight Islam in cahoots with Israel. Yesterday it was Iraq, today – Iran and Syria. They won’t stop until they subdue the world, unless we stop them!

- The Turkish media translated and published your article (The Ottoman Empire, Please Come Back!) widely in which you wish the caliphate to return so that peace can again return in the world. Could you let us know how you evaluate the period of the Islamic caliphate?

The Ottoman Empire was the great protector of the people of Turkey and the Middle East against the onslaught of Mammon. Equally, the Caliphate of Baghdad provided peace and prosperity. The Russian Empire also kept the peace between the Orthodox and the Muslims. World War I ended with the tragic dismantling of the Empire and ushered in the present age of trouble. We can't restore the Caliphate but we can create a new Commonwealth of the East embracing the Muslim and Orthodox lands, for Muslims and Orthodox are managing together very well. This Commonwealth won’t be an enemy to Europe, but neither it will remain its colony. Moreover, it will help Europe to recover its traditional Christian roots in face of the Mammonite oppression.

- What would you like to tell the Polish people?

I would invite you, my Polish reader, to visit the magnificent castle of Marienburg, a UNESCO World Heritage site, that raises its age-old red-brick walls near the Baltic Sea. Proud and dour, it recalls the great Crusader castles of the East. Many tourists visit it daily, bringing cash and glory to the Poles who renamed it ‘Malbork’, though this creation of German genius was erected by the Teutonic Knights in 13th century, and became a foundation stone of the once-mighty Kingdom of Prussia. In vain will you search for a plaque commemorating the man who gave the castle in 1945 to the Poles. The present virulently anti-Russian and anti-communist government of Poland won’t advertise that this prime real estate as well as thousands of square miles around, became theirs due to the generosity of Marshal Joseph Stalin and to the selfless sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers.

This castle’s history is an obligatory reading for the Polish elites who improved upon the Bourbons. The French kings forgot nothing and learned nothing from the Revolution. The present Polish rulers learned nothing and forgot everything from the tragic story of their land. It’s not from books that I learned this history of the westernmost Slav nation, nor do I write to you as a complete stranger nor, God forbid, as an enemy. My family has deep roots in Polish culture. My parents met for the first time at an evening of Polish poetry in a Polish officers’ club, where my Minsk-born mother, a convinced Polonophile, read poems by Adam Mickiewicz and deeply impressed my father, who hailed from the Polish (now Ukrainian) city of Stanislaw.

That is why I dare to tell you things that a stranger would not. Poland had a tragic history, and the errors of its elites contributed heavily to the tragedy. Anyone can trip on a rake, but what do we call a man who trips on a rake every week? Poland stands at the meeting point of East and West. Being friendly to both is vitally important to Poland; it is a sine qua non condition for its survival as independent state. Alas, the Poles have made the same mistake once again – they positioned themselves as an enemy of the East, as a vanguard of the Western invading force.

Malbork was indeed as Polish as Warsaw before Marienburg became as German as Berlin. The Polish kings decided to ally with the West and invited the Teutonic Knights to settle in their lands and subdue their Eastern neighbours. At that time, in 13th century, the Teutonic Knights were homeless: they were booted out of Palestine by the mighty Islamic warrior Baybars and hung around Venice accumulating hotel bills and overstaying their welcome. The Teutons jumped at the offer, built up the castle and waged war; at first against their neighbours, later against the Poles. In a short time they became the true masters of Poland.

In their moment of sorrow, the Poles remembered their Eastern cousins. They called upon the Lithuanians, upon the Cossacks, upon the Tatars and the Russians. On the battlefield of Grunewald the united force of the East repeated the feat of Baybars and obliterated the Crusaders. The Grand Magister of the Teutonic Order swore his allegiance to the Polish crown. And the Poles tripped on the rake again and again: They allied with every Western adventure. They fought against the Turks at the walls of Vienna, and invaded Russia with Napoleon. The results were dismal, at best: the Austria they saved from the Turks occupied Galicia, while the France they supported could not protect them. The Germans they restored to their possession of Prussia ate up the northern half of Poland.

When Versailles restored Poland to its old glory, they went back to their old tricks. In 1930s, Poland was staunchly anti-Russian; the strongest element of le cordon sanitaire around Soviet Russia, it refused all attempts by Moscow to create a mutual defence treaty in face of impending German invasion; it dreamed of leading an anti-Russian crusade. The Poles oppressed their Eastern neighbours, the Ukrainians and Belarusians, and believed in the support of the West. Their dreams ended in 1939. When Hitler’s Wehrmacht marched into Poland, the French and the British did not move their soldiers. Poland and the Polish people suffered enormously. Now this suffering is dismissed with a shrug by the new masters of Poland; for them, Poland was just a setting for the greater tragedy of Jewish suffering. But for us, Jewish blood is not redder than Polish blood. The Poles were saved again by the great force from the East, by the same Russians and Tatars, Cossacks and Belarusians who did it at Grunewald. Not only were they saved: Poland received back the lands they lost hundreds of years ago.

But they learned nothing. The Poles expelled the native Prussians and Pomeranians from their ancestral lands, and at the first occasion returned to its age-long anti-Eastern policies. This time they invited the new crusaders to lead their crusade eastwards. If the Crusaders of old abused the names of Jesus Christ and Our Lady in their Drang Nach Osten, the new Crusaders belong to the new church, the Coven of Mammon. Hidden under lay slogans, the Mammonite Coven is as faith-based as any church, and as intolerant as all young churches in the period of their ascendancy.

The American Neo-cons are the ideological vanguard of the Mammonite church. They are the Teutonic Knights and the Knights Templar of the Mammonite Crusade. They authored the Iraq invasion, they plan an attack on Iran. They demand to subdue Belarus and Venezuela. Their spiritual ancestors led the waves of Crusaders into the Arab and Slav lands; the present crusaders go the same way, and again they have support of the Polish rulers.

But the connection between the new Crusaders of Mammon and Polish history goes even deeper: On the Eastern lands colonised by Poland of old, the economic power eventually passed over to the Jews, though the Polish magnates commanded troops, kept their luxurious palaces and enforced debt collection. Now this function has been inherited by the Judeo-American Empire, this combination of the Polish Magnate and the Jew magnified by a factor of a million. They ensnare nations into debt servitude via the IMF and the World Bank, extort money, enforce loans, spread drugs and pornography, instead of running a relatively innocent pawnshop and farming taxes. If in the Middle Ages the Polish soldiers enforced the Jewish debt collection, now they enforce the Mammonite agenda in Iraq.

(Symbolically, the World Bank President is Paul Wolfowitz, the Jewish American Neo-con and the father of the Iraq war; while his predecessor was another wolf, Wolfensohn, who, after 10 years of taking care of mankind, moved to give his special care to the Jewish State’s plan to place natives into a ghetto as the American Special Envoy for Gaza Disengagement. Deputy Chief of the IMF, Stanley Fischer, who presided over dismantling of Russian economy, also moved to the Jewish State and became the Governor of its Bank, completing the integration of Zionism and Mammonism.)

Poland against Islam

Poland actively participates in the US aggression in Iraq, and keeps there the biggest contingent of troops. Even now, when the US defeat has become obvious, Polish troops continue to occupy Muslim soil. Snatched Muslim prisoners were flown by CIA and tortured in Poland by Polish executioners. Poland is a member of NATO, and is the most pro-American state in Europe, to dismay of the Europeans. Poland even imports its military hardware from the US, instead of buying European. This policy of Poland was a strong supporting cause for demise of the European constitution. Not in vain has the French Defence Minister called Poland the (US) Trojan Donkey, next to that Trojan Horse, the UK.

Poland against Belarus

Belarus was a Polish colony for centuries, like Ireland was a British colony. The land belonged to the Polish settlers and landowners, while trade was in the hands of Jews. Belarus had no native upper or middle class, for a native could not raise above his lowly station. Its church and language were discriminated against. The Poles have an historic debt to Belarus. But how have they discharged this debt?

Now Belarus is an independent state. Like Venezuela and Cuba, Belarus decided to avoid the IMF debt snare -- its economy is the fastest-growing one in Central Europe; but its assets are not for sale. Belarus has no unemployment, it did not privatise its lands and factories and did not allow Jewish oligarchs and American companies to buy up its economy and its media. Its president is the only man in Europe that can stand next to Chavez, Castro and Ahmadinejad, and he has enormous support from his people. Belarus is a friend of Iran and the Arab countries. I visited Belarus recently: this is a tranquil land of great charm, clean streets, full political freedom and no aggressive advertising. (See below the impressions of our Polish friend Marek Glogoczowski after visiting Minsk.)

Poland is the cutting edge of the Mammonite aggression against Belarus. Polish military planes invade Belarus’ airspace, its politicians threaten the neighbourly country, trying to provoke this nation. They play the ethnic Polish card, though the position of ethnic Poles in Belarus and Ukraine is incomparably better than that of the Belarusians and Ukrainians under any Polish government including the present one. While the Poles expelled the Pomeranians and the Prussians, Belarus allowed the Poles to remain as equal citizens in their land. The Polish government does not care about the Poles in Belarus, but cynically uses them to put pressure on Minsk to let in the NATO bases and the American companies. And again, this policy of Poland has the full support and encouragement of the same Mammonite forces. A Jewish American daily, The Wall Street Journal, wrote (August 04, 2005) of ‘the battle between Freedom and Tyranny’, between ‘democratic Poland and the last dictator of Europe’. “Mr. Kwasniewski, a staunch U.S. ally and leader of the European Union's largest new member nation, said in a recent interview, 'Now we have new challenges -- Moldova, Transdniestria, Belarus -- and Poland is prepared to be involved.'" This rhetoric reminds us of their instigation to attack of Iraq. Apparently, Poland wants to become a small US gendarme in Eastern Europe.

Poland against Russia

Russian-Polish relations did not begin yesterday: the Poles burned Moscow down, the Russians subdued Warsaw. Still, while Poland was partitioned, the Germans completely eradicated the Polish spirit in Pomerania, but the Russians preserved the Kingdom of Poland. Under Hitler, the Poles were considered sub-humans, while Stalin allowed Anders to form his army and to leave Russia for their bitter end at Monte Cassino.

The present Polish government copycats the Jewish narrative of Jedwabne at Katyn, trying to deepen the enmity between the Russians and the Poles. Katyn is not in Russia, but in Ukraine; still they blame the Russians, for they hope to turn Ukraine into another pro-American, pro-NATO client state in Eastern Europe, eventually colonising it. Naturally, they never mention the fate of tens of thousands Russian POWs starved to death in the Polish death camps of Strzałkowo and Tuchola. They do not mention half a million of Russian soldiers who died in order to liberate Poland from the Nazi occupation. They do not intend to return the generous gift of Stalin to the rightful owner, the refugees of Pomerania and Prussia. They think that the new Iron Lady of Germany will forever cherish their friendship. They should learn their own history to find out: playing for the West is a suicide route for Polish independence. When the Germans reach next time for the Polish lands, I doubt the Russians will come and save them again.

- What would you like to tell the Muslims in Poland?

The position of Polish Muslims is very important. Muslims are not newcomers in the realm of Poland: the noble Tatars of the White and Golden Horde settled on its lands seven hundred years ago. They constituted the best fighting force of Poland and Lithuania, and were an integral part of the Polish Szlachta nobility. Famous for their bravery and loyalty, nevertheless they objected to every Eastern adventure of the Polish Crown. Now it is your task once again: to speak in unequivocal tone to your non-Muslim Polish brothers and explain to them the folly of their new leaders.

The Polish people are not guilty: they voted for the ex-communists of Kwasniewski, hoping they would keep Poland on its neutral, East-friendly course. When Kwasniewski failed them, they voted for his opponent – and received even worse government. Among the present Polish leaders one finds a noted neo-con, Defence Minister Radek Sikorski. A free American publication WMR wrote about him: “a veteran senior fellow of the neo-con citadel, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the new darling of the neo-con media, being hailed as a 'visionary' by the New York Sun, a noted neo-con outlet. Polish intelligence sources report that Sikorski became a U.S. intelligence asset during the Reagan Cold War years. Sikorski is married to the U.S. journalist Anne Applebaum, who serves on the editorial board of The Washington Post and dismisses the use of the term 'neo-con' as paranoia aimed at discrediting 'pro-democracy' neo-con initiatives like the debacle in Iraq.” (Compare with Yushchenko’s wife, the US State Department’s own Catherine Chumachenko). The Polish Foreign Affairs minister Meller, Internal Affairs minister Dorn and Special Services minister Wasserman are equally devoted to the church of Mammon.

The Poles should figure out who are their geopolitical friends, and who are their theopolitical adversaries. The Polish Muslims should help them to help themselves, for the new Poland's aggressive anti-East forward formation will necessarily suffer when the East reasserts its position. Today our world stands at a crossroads, as World War Three is unfolding; and every voice counts. The position of Poland is extremely important, and that is why we should mobilise all forces to return this delightful country of beautiful women and courageous men to the path of neutral sanity.

- is it true that n Israel it is taught that Polish people are antisemitic?

Yes, in Israel and in the US, the Poles are considered as major participants of the holocaust. The WWII losses of the Poles are usually dismissed, while stories of Jedwabne and suchlike are given great coverage. When the Polish government demanded from Tel Aviv the extradition of Jewish mass murderer Solomon Morel, Sharon’s government replied: “Chutzpah! Impudence!” Jewish newspapers often call for full restitution of Jewish property in Poland as was done in Germany. They say that the lion's share of real estate in Krakow and elsewhere belonged to the Jews, so now it should be returned to the Jews. However, in Palestine, the Jews confiscated 90% of Muslim and Christian property, and do not intend to return it. In short, Jewish ascendancy means the Poles are not going to enjoy peace and tranquillity.

- What do you advise Muslims to do in Europe as a response to the wide propaganda against them and their religion?

Firstly, the Muslims should understand the reason why their faith and its adherents are vilified. This is for no fault of theirs: they are the subject of aggression.

Do not think the Mammonites fight Muslims only: they are anti-Christian, as well. You know that in the Judeo-American Empire of the US, the prelates of the Catholic Church are smeared as paedophiles. A new American film, a counterpoint to Mel Gibson’s Passion, denies the very existence of the Messiah; but while Gibson’s film was attacked and boycotted by the industry, The God Who Wasn't There is proclaimed as “great” and “irreverent.” The American Jewish newspapers blame even the tragedy of the European Jews under Nazis on the Catholic Church. To their great shame, the Polish leaders agreed to remove a church from the sad site of Auschwitz, thus accepting the lie. But they need Christian soldiers to fight Muslims, that is why they spread anti-Muslim propaganda.

If you check the sources of the anti-Muslim publications, you will find that they originate in the Judeo-American milieu. The important Jewish American magazine Commentary (and its web version, FrontPageMag) leads the attack. In a recent publication they utilise Hitler’s methods and say that “Muslims rape European ('white') girls” (,12-29-5 Western Muslims' Racist Rape Spree, by Sharon Lapkin). “Christian Zionists,” this vile sect of Pat Robertson et al., reached their present prominence due to their alliance with the Mammonite media moguls. In Europe, the French Jewish writers produce much of the anti-Muslim drivel. They support every neo-Nazi group provided it agrees to kowtow to the Jews and besmirch the Muslims. Thus they whitewash the late anti-Muslim Dutch nationalist Pim Fortuyn because “he was good for Jews.” They give a clean ticket to the Italian fascist Fini, because he went to Israel and had a photo opportunity with the Butcher of Sabra and Shatila. Now, just compare their treatment of dying Arafat when they spread the most horrible rumours about the old man, with their kid glove approach to the corrupt mass murderer Sharon.

The anti-Islamic brouhaha is done with smoke and mirrors. None of the so-called Islamic movements in the Middle East or Europe drives towards an exclusively Islamic state. Hezbollah of Lebanon fought against the Israeli occupation, as did Hamas in Palestine. Both these movements are perfectly friendly to Christians, to innocent Jews and to non-believers. I mention that Hamas is a partner in Bethlehem municipality, and none of the local Christians is discriminated against. Wine is sold as always, the bells are ringing at the belfry of Nativity and of hundreds of other churches, the Christian character of the city is scrupulously observed and preserved. Equally, hundreds of thousands Lebanese Christians rallied at the great demonstration of Hezbollah in Beirut.

Our adversaries always object when one mentions the Jewish identity of a political or a criminal figure; but they never fail to connect an alleged offender to his Muslim faith. For instance, during the upheaval in the Parisian suburbs this summer, they spoke of a “Muslim revolt,” though the French underprivileged youngsters involved had little to do with Islam; no Muslim preacher taught them to torch cars, and they did not call for an Islamic state in France. Indeed, French blacks are originally Christians, though in the present climate their faith and the faith of immigrant Maghrebis is hardly a factor. Ditto the so-called ‘Islamic terror’ – as I wrote in an essay entitled Phantom of Terror, it is a misnomer. The Palestinians fight for their equality in the Jewish apartheid state, while Saudis and Iraqis fight the American occupation, even if they use religious rallying slogans.

Likewise there are no “paedophile priests,” for attraction to same-sex youths is not connected to their priestly duties. Just try to mention “a Jewish killer” while referring to Sharon, or say “Jewish soldiers murder children,” while speaking about the hundreds of Palestinian children killed by Jewish snipers, and you will be imprisoned; but an attack on Muslims will be condoned by a court. Muslims have no chance to defend themselves in the court or in media, for the media belongs to their adversaries, while the courts are cowed by them.

Thus the Muslims have to understand that their salvation comes through our victory in the World War Three. Only when the Judeo-American church of Mammon shrinks back to its normal size, when their troops go back home, when the apartheid in Palestine is eradicated, - then will the Muslims in Europe regain their equal rights. As for Polish Muslims, they will be deemed worthy as their Tatar warrior ancestors when Poland becomes a friend to its neighbours at the East.


Israel Shamir is an Israeli writer, living in Jaffa. His books Galilee Flowers, Our Lady of Sorrow and the Pardes can be bought via internet in a variety of languages. Visit his site for details.


Appendix: BELARUS TODAY, a letter from Minsk by Marek Glogoczowski, Ph.D.

I was invited to a nearby Belarus to witness the impressive recovery of this post-Soviet republic from the deep wounds inflicted by Gorbachev’s dismantling of the defunct USSR. Minsk, and Belarus as a whole, remains “la bête noire” of the EC. Soon we realized the cause of this Pan European ostracism of this nation of 11 million inhabitants. While walking on the main street of Minsk in the company of a Macedonian delegate of my age (who spent, as I did, several months in Paris), we agreed that the garden city of Minsk, situated on shores of turned into a mini-lake Swislotch river, looks even more beautiful than the capital of France. The charm of this city is due not only to its monumental neoclassical buildings with recently renovated facades, but also due to the fact that people on streets are really pretty and well dressed (young women rather undressed), while the whole city is the cleanest I have ever seen worldwide! What a difference in comparison to the “capital” of recent Orange Revolution, Lvov in Western Ukraine (which I visited a month earlier), with its cobblestone streets full of holes , un-repaired tram tracks, shoddy apartment houses and heaps of garbage in the courtyards.

In Minsk we arrived at the brand new luxurious railway station, we participated in the gala concert in the new Exhibition Palace for two thousand spectators, traveled around Minsk on freeways whose smoothness was comparable to the roads in Switzerland (where I lived for a dozen years), observed the construction of new metro stations and well planned high rise suburbs. Of course, next to Minsk we saw villages consisting of small painted wooden houses, but I also dwell in Zakopane in the small wooden house of my grandparents, and all my friends are envious of my dwelling. One of the advantages of Minsk is the rarity of cars on its large avenues, but this sign of “poverty” is in fact the sign of the health of population, which health is artificially maintained by the Lukashenko regime's visible contempt for the overcrowding of the country with cellular phones, internet, and other gadgets demanding unlimited sitting.

Three days spent by us in Belarus consisted not only of passive sitting in conference auditoriums, and of enjoying comforts of the most prestigious hotel “Minsk” in Belarus' capital. July 3rd is Belarus Independence Day, commemorating the liberation of Minsk from German invaders 61 years ago. (In 1944 Minsk, as well as Warsaw in Poland, was nearly totally destroyed.) The celebration of Independence Day began already in the afternoon of July 2nd, with the speech delivered by President Lukaschenko standing at the scene of the brand new, luxurious Exhibition Palace. Lukaschenko proudly stressed that under his rule Belarus become the only state, out of 16 republics of former Soviet Union, which has at present a GNP higher than that of 15 years ago. He explained the enmity of EC by their envy of Belarus’ ability to achieve prosperity without surrendering its sovereignty to the IMF.

It was not only the impressive appearance of the Palace, and of Minsk in general, that confirmed Lukashenko’s thesis. The spectacle we saw after his opening speech was a masterpiece both in its choreography and in quality of its performance. Nearly al lof the actors were dressed in national costumes and I admired the scenes played by about two hundred children aged 5-7 years old, all dancing with the impressive elegance and perfection. (Later on I was informed that in Belarus nearly all villages have their dancing and singing schools.) In fact for more than a day I felt like participating actively in the film “Tieni zabytych priedkov” (Shadows of forgotten ancestors) of the great Armenian director Sergei Parandjanov, which I saw twice in the late 1960s. This Soviet film tells the colorful history of disappearing Carpathian folk of Huculs (7), who are genetically and culturally somehow akin to my family from Tatra’s foothills.

The next day, July 3rd , I had to participate in a big national parade, walking for about two kilometers behind the tall silhouette of the Belarus President. The setup of this colorful parade recalled to my mind how exactly 50 years ago I marched, during the 1st May parade at Krakow, dressed in a white outfit and proudly holding a floret, as a member of local fencing school for teenagers. The biggest difference between these forgotten Stalinist times and the Belarus of today is in colors: half a century ago red was dominant, while emblems of Belarus contain the full bouquet of colors, with red nevertheless being predominant (8).

After we put flowers under the monument of the Soviet Army heroes which liberated Minsk three generations ago, I had the time to stroll in alleys of nearby Dietsky Park (Children’s Park) admiring an enormous fair of local crafts, a true ‘living Skansen’, organized there. In this communist park I felt like 33 years ago not in Europe, but in woods of Marin County in San Francisco Bay Area, during the annual Renaissance Pleasure Fair organized there, with so many pretty people around me, dressed of course in the colorful costumes of our Forgotten Ancestors.

This was not all that reminded me the Past, which our children are not supposed to revive. In the evening preceding Independence festivities all delegates to IX Pan-Slavic Congress were invited, in two separate groups, to a copious dinner offered by two big State Farms (former Sovchoz), situated at outskirts of Minsk. This kind of State-owned giant agricultural enterprises existed until 1990 also in Poland, but once the “restructuring” of Polish agriculture started, these farms were artificially put into bankruptcy, leaving more than ten thousand units of agricultural land abandoned and about two million of farm workers jobless. (Now parts of these abandoned farmlands in Northern Poland are re-cultivated by imported Dutch farmer-businessmen, employing cheap Polish labour, still living in houses left by the socialist regime.) When will “Free Europe” put an end to this Belarus blasphemy of collectively owned means of production?

During the dinner, concluding our three days long meeting-festivities, my colleague, a philosopher from Ukrainian Chernigov, told me that in Minsk he felt free from the omnipresent pressure of in his country of “orangist” propaganda (9). I had a similar feeling of being free from the billboards and TV advertisements that cover Poland today with unbelievable ugliness and stupidity. This sentiment of freedom, we felt in Belorussia, recalled to me the words of the old Soviet song (now relegated to the realm of Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors) : “Ja drugoi takoi strany nie znaju, gdie tak volno dishit tcheloviek” (I do not know of another state, where man so freely respires).

Not all citizens of Belarus feel free. In particular the West-endorsed local opposition (11) complains of being harassed in its antidemocratic activities. (In Belarus over 80% of population supports Lukashenka.) But this opposition is neither free nor democratic. The opposition remains under the enormous pressure exercised by its Sponsor, the Congress of the USA, which officially allotted last month 40 million dollars for the noble task of installing a puppet, USA-dependent government, in Belarus. Poland and the Baltic countries push through the EU Parliament a ban on the free exchange of goods with Belarus, providing subsequent support for the antidemocratic opposition there. As one of the Polish delegates in Minsk elegantly summed it up: “Belarus today is like a thorn in the ass of Europe”.

The above-mentioned foreign pressures mean that the fate of Belarus is supposed to be resolved in the next few years. As Alexander Zinoviev observed in his last book written in the West, “La grande rupture”, (published in 1999 in Lausanne, only in French), the Supreme Authority of the West permits not the slightest deviation from its plan of world colonization. But there is still a slight hope that this “radiant future” planned by our Globo-Masters will not arrive at all. If we can make a proper description of a danger, we are already in the way of success in neutralizing this danger. “The West” is only a geographic denomination, it may be equally “The East”, as it is in case of capitalist colonization originating from Japan. Our Forgotten Ancestors rather than the ambiguous “West” coined the term “Mammonite society”, which recently was reintroduced into living language by my friend Israel Adam Shamir. Once people realized, already in late 19 century, that their principal enemy was Mammon, they spontaneously did something to counteract it. Their collective “Wille der Macht” resulted at that time in the panoply of anti-Mammonite, communist and national socialist regimes, which dominated the map of the world through the whole 20 century.

Needless to add , it is precisely the obstinate refusal of the group around President Lukaschenko to conform to the “friendly advice" of Western experts, which is at the origin of both economic and cultural success of Belarus. This success is worth imitating elsewhere, especially in the countries resulting from the partition of the Soviet Union. But such a program is entirely alien to the conquistador ambitions of the Mammonites ruling both in USA and EU, which in case of failure of “soft” measures, surely will be eager to apply more coercive methods against Belarus. The representative of Belarus at our Pan Slavic Congress, S. I. Kostian, told us proudly that his country does not fear these super powers, for it has means of rebuffing this threat that neither Yugoslavia neither Iraq had in their arsenals. To which I add that during our meeting at Minsk Serbian delegate at our Congress compared Belarus today to (pre-Slavic) Sparta. Let’s hope that this bold comparison will hold true in the near future!

Zakopane, July13, 2005


(6) The average salary in Belarus, where about 80% of industry is state-owned, is only about $200 per month, which means 3.5 times less than in Poland. But in Belarus unemployment does not exist, while in Poland only 54 % of population of economically active age have an employment. Belarusians have, contrary to Poles, education and health care for free, cheap energy, nominal rents for apartments, the metro in Minsk costs only 12 cents, or six times less than in Warsaw. But it is true that access to objects of prestige (cars, cell phones, and all this electronic “garbage”) in Belarus is more complicated than in Poland, which surely makes a specific group of citizens (students, bourgeoisie) very unhappy, probably even hating their otherwise beautiful country. But there is no comparison between the shining renovated cities of Belarus and the stagnant Ukraine, from which in recent years over 7 millions (out of population of 48 millions) have emigrated, both to Russia and to the West. Whom do our Globo-Masters plan to settle in the presently vacant, fertile regions of Western Ukraine?

(7) The folk of Huculs lives in northern foothills of Czarnohora, which region belonged to Poland prior to WW2. My father told me that the part about their antisemitism before WW2 originated from the fact that rich Jews in Western Ukraine tended to make Huculs always drunk, and thus financially dependent on local moneylenders. Eventually these industrious Jews expelled the easy-going Hucul population from its beautiful mountainous settlements. Needless to add that today this trivial method of “ethnic cleaning”, by pushing the easy-going population of Eastern Europe into debts (by massive intoxication not only with drugs, beer, and vodka, but also with TV and technical devices), has become the essential tool applied widely by Judeo-American Empire.

(8) Due to the whole palette of colors present during official Belarus manifestations, future “revolutionaries”, which at present are intensively trained in Poland and in Slovakia, will have a difficult time making their emblems and banners significantly different from these of the official regime. The only color not present on the flags accompanying our Parade of Independence was black, but it is reserved by ecclesiastics – both orthodox and catholic – which walked in the third row behind President Lukashenka.

(11) The only trace of “opposition” activity we found in Minsk, was just next to us, in our luxurious Minsk hotel. At its reception desk was distributed for free the journal in English The Belarus Today containing articles mocking president Lukashenka and expanding “a needle into a fork” (“Bordering on madness – Poland and Belarus”, “Belarus Opposition Debates Tactics”) etc. I took the copy of this bizarre journal to the Minsk’s Press House, and at the beginning journalists there were convinced that this is an official edition in English of the journal Belarus Today. But suddenly one of them noticed an insignificant “The” preceding “Belarus” in journal’s title, and it turned out that the paper I’ve brought was an imitation – with the same graphic and the same set of advertisements – of the official “Belarus Today”! We wondered whether Belarus secret police purposefully permits the distribution in Minsk’s hotels of this factious journal in order to demonstrate, to visiting foreigners, that the “freedom of press” in Belarus exists!

(12) The Forgotten Ancestors of bio-sciences (Aristotle, Lamarck and Piaget) would explain the observed loss of structural information within the Mammonite (or in other terms, Capitalist) Society as follows: Aristotle postulated that we have to hate moneylenders, for they “enrich themselves while doing nothing”. Than, more than two thousand years later, J. B. de Lamarck formulated the Law of Biology, according to which bankers (“benchmen”, for ‘bank’ is ‘bench’) specialized in continuous sitting shall have their motoric and sensory organs atrophied. For these bankers become the collective “Lord” of post-modern societies, so by imitation of their “Supreme Being” behavior, the contemporary, intensely sedentary, ‘cullus-minded’ ultra rich societies are becoming, as a whole, atrophied in their internal structures too. Which process is accelerated, as stressed the psychologist Jean Piaget, by a relaxed, “liberal” educational system which forms ‘infantilized’ individuals, incapable of a clear vision of the world. (More on this subject in a recent essay “Antizoologic Theosophy of Philo of Alexandria”, accessible at, category “Judeo-Christian Conquest of Minds”).
11 styczeń 2006

Israel Adam Shamir 



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